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Su 3/3/2024

About Us

In year 1989, Group of quarries in company started their activity in different cities with aim of quarry mineral material out and process antique stone( construction ), the group after success in discovery and equipped and utilization of various antique stone and mineral material quarries like Quartz, Feldspar, kaolin, for production and processing all kinds of Marble stone, especially Travertine, Marble, onyx, so in year 2008 they proceeded to establish a manufacture for processing-production with use of new technology in all over the world and newest machinery belong to "Breton Co." , in Italy , with capacity of production about 600.000 sq.m per year in dimension of Slab and Tile with the best quality which is acceptable in international market. Export to countries in margin of Persian Gulf, Eastern Asia, Russia, and Europe is based on awareness of quality and ability in the industrial complex.

This industrial & mine complex with rely to quarry out from huge quarries such as:

  1. Gonbad (Takab) Cream & white travertine
  2. Brenje cream & Snake Skin (Krocoodile) Travertine
  3. Pardis Cream &Red Travertine
  4. Zanjan Cream Travertine
  5. Khoy Empire Marble
  6. Afshar Cream and Pink Marble
  7. Zanjan Black Granite
  8. Zanjan Armaghan Travertine

Besides above activities, since 2004, this company began its activity in the field of importing other consuming materials in stone industries such as Marble Net, Resin, Abrasive, Brush, flocculent, chain conveyor.

The guideline of this company is providing the products with assured quality and most cost saving and this has been fulfilled by directly purchasing from valid European companies.

According to the experiences of this company, stone processing factories will be able to increase the efficiency and reduce its production costs.

Now, Parsang Fanavar Company has been selected by most valid factories have activity in the field of processing of Travertine stones, granite, porcelain, marble as well as manufacturers of ceramic for producing the consuming materials and machineries.

Some of the services provided by this company include transaction of second-class machineries used in the stone industries in and out of the country.

Now, this company has some branches in countries such as Italy and Germany for providing its services.